Outdoor adventure watch with carbon fiber case C-NEXUS

Outdoor adventure watch with carbon fiber case C-NEXUS

Lightweight design, a scratch-resistant bezel, and a carbon fiber case provide ultimate protection for outdoor adventures. With new ultra-light nylon knitted strap, making it comfort on the wrist for the toughest challenges.

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Outdoor adventure watch with carbon fiber case C-NEXUS


The case of C-NEXUS is crafted from carbon fiber, offering several outstanding advantages. It features a chronograph for precise timekeeping during various activities. The countdown function is handy for planning and timing events. The built-in compass helps you navigate with ease. The pedometer keeps track of your steps, while the pacer assists in maintaining a desired pace. It also has an EL light for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. C-NEXUS is suitable for the outdoor advanture.



Carbon Fiber + Case

Lighter than steel: 6 times

Lighter than titanium: 3 times



  • Chronograph
  • Countdown
  • Compass
  • Pedometer
  • Pacer
  • EL light
  • 12/24 hours
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Low battery reminde
  • 50M waterproof 



 Name  Outdoor adventure watch with carbon fiber case C-NEXUS
 Model  C-NEXUS
 Strap Material  Nylon
 Glass  Mineral hardened glass
 Screen  FSTN screen
 Strap Length  260mm
 Strap Width  24mm
 Diameter  45mm
 Thickness  12.5mm
 Net Weight  64g
 Waterproof  50M



Running Outdoor Watch C-NEXUS






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Equipped with GPS/BDS/GLONASS satellite positioning and the added Altitude, Barometer, and Compass functions.  The MG02 offers a seamless Bluetooth calling experience amd prioritizes your health and well-being. Multi-sports Mode, handy reminders,  IP68 water rating, making it's a reliable and versatile GPS watch.

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V69 sports smart watch, with Bluetooth Calling built into the watch, and it features a dedicated sports mode that records your exercise data. Never miss an important notification with the reminder functions. You can experience the ultimate fusion of style and functionality with the North Edge V69.

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This remarkable Azan watch combines the functionality of a contemporary wristwatch with the essential features required by devout Muslims.  Additionally, the watch includes useful functions such as an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar, ensuring it serves as more than just a tool for prayer.

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Solar Powered Drive Watch MACH

Pilot Watch MACH comes with a full charge providing an outstanding 180 days of power. MACH comes equipped with a clear, luminous display that ensures effortless readability, no matter the lighting conditions. And waterproof rating is 50 meters.

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The extraordinary Azan timepiece amalgamates the practicality of a modern timekeeping instrument with the indispensable attributes indispensable to devout adherents of Islam. Furthermore, this watch encompasses utilitarian features like an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar, transcending its role beyond that of a mere prayer aid.

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1.39-inch ultra-clear larger screen, NL73J can be seen clearly in strong light. Rich sports modes and professional and accurate sports data help you enjoy sports and a healthy life. Bluetooth call and AI voice make your life easy. 

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Lightweight design, a scratch-resistant bezel, and a carbon fiber case provide ultimate protection for outdoor adventures. With new ultra-light nylon knitted strap, making it comfort on the wrist for the toughest challenges.

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1.83-inch high-definition touch screen, four-sided narrow border design. 24/7 health monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, blood oxygen. 100+ sports modes. Waterproof IP67. High fidelity 3D sound qualuty. 10 days of strong battery life. 

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The Pilot Watch MACH 2, a solar-driven watch, has a triple chronograph and a red second hand with dynamic functionality. Clearing at night, 50M waterproof. 316L stainless steel case / screw-in caseback and TPR + nylon strap. 

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