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Internal Logistics team
North Edge has a logistics team that provides rapid delivery. Direct cooperation with sea, air, land and rail transport companies to reduce intermediate links, reduce logistics costs, set up a global agent network, the entire track of cargo transport, real-time handling of emergencies.
High-quality logistics partners, experienced, deal with a variety of delivery clearance issues
According to customer needs, we will calculate logistics costs and assess customs clearance risk,based on recipient information such as country, city, and zip code. We have close partnerships with many freight forwarders and enjoy their discounted prices, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

All watch models have accurate volume and weight information, so please be sure to tell us what models and how many units you need. We will calculate the most accurate packaging data to obtain the most favorable prices from freight forwarders, ensuring maximum protection for your interests.  


Meanwhile, we can work with your shipping agent, deliver the goods to your local agent/warehouse in China. Or quote the shipping cost we can get for your reference.


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